Patria acquired a stake in Silverskin – a company specialised in cyber security

Defence company Patria Oyj has acquired a minority stake (25%) in Silverskin Information Security Oy which is specialized in cyber security. Patria expands its business in cyber security and this deal opens up new business opportunities especially in the international market but also in Finland.

Silverskin Information Security has been able to expand its operations and to become an international player in cyber security. Patria as partner, Silverskin takes an essential step to develop further its operations into larger projects and to new clientele. ”Silverskin is from Patria’s point of view an interesting and dynamic company with a great growth potential. Cyber security is an essential part of our business and a field that we have followed closely for a long time. It is characteristic for a continuously and fast changing field to develop its operations also together with small and agile companies aiming to international market”, states Pasi Niinikoski, President of Patria’s Systems business unit.

“The latest development projects of Silverskin are enormous compared to the current size of the company. Patria’s international credibility and successful completion of international projects as well as the financial back-up are supporting our present goals. Our common goal is to maintain Silverskin’s fast learning culture and to study the possibilities for development of common cyber products”, says Mikko S. Niemelä, Chairman of the Board of Silverskin.

Silverskin is an information security company with the highest certified levels of standards both in European Union and in the US Department of Defense. The company operates in Finland directly with the customers but also indirectly using a wide network of partners. International operations extend from Russia and the Middle East to the USA. Silverskin offers real-time situational awareness about the state of the company’s cyber security – from inside and out, coaches the personnel of the customer organisations in the field of cyber security and helps its customers to choose and to put into operation the best and most suitable information security standards.

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