Senop expands its sensor expertise

09 حزيران 2016
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Senop Oy has acquired as an asset deal Rikola Ltd Oy, a company that is specialised in optoelectronics and is located in Oulu. Senop is expanding its operations in the field of optoelectronics and the new acquisition creates new business opportunities both in Finland and abroad.

Rikola Ltd Oy has developed and manufactured optical spectroscopy components and devices for industry and research institutes. The products consist of customer-specific sensor modules, hyperspectral cameras and OEM device manufacturing. The customers are international companies and research institutes at the top of their field. Senop’s and Rikola’s current operations support each other, providing considerable technical synergies. 

"Rikola’s expertise combined with Senop’s strong optronics know-how reinforces Senop’s ability to develop new high-quality products for customers in defence, security and civilian sectors. With the acquisition, Senop’s current customer base in industry and research institutions will also grow significantly," says Mika Räty, Managing Director of Senop Oy.

"Rikola’s operations have developed favourably over the years, and we are satisfied that we have found a common interest with Senop to further develop our technology in the growing market. Senop has strong optronics know-how and good capability to design and manufacture optical components. The company is well known especially in the defence and security area which opens new markets for our technology and especially for the hyperspectral cameras that we have developed over the years," says Raimo Rikola, former Managing Director of Rikola Ltd Oy.

Senop Oy, a subsidiary of Millog Oy, develops and supplies optical and optoelectronic products. The HUSKY product range consists of high-performance image intensifiers, night vision sights and thermal imagers, surveillance and target acquisition systems. RIKOLA product range consist of hyperspectral cameras and customer-specific sensor modules. The company’s products and services also include development and manufacturing of mobile tactical systems and control and command systems as well as carrying out modernisation and system integration projects. Senop is marketing and selling its products and services to its customers worldwide.

Senop Oy and Millog Oy are part of the Patria Group.

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