Farnborough Airshow 2016: Airspace by Airbus is the new sensation in cabin design

15 تموز 2016
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The Farnborough Airshow has a reputation for attracting the most innovative ideas from the aerospace industry, so it is appropriate that Airbus’ new cabin concept “Airspace by Airbus” was in focus all week.
Airspace was highlighted on Day 4, when the company also wrapped up its Farnborough Airshow commercial activity with $35 billion of total business announced during the week.
Pleasing passengers and operators alike
Visitors to Farnborough have seen a preview of the Airspace by Airbus experience, which connects the well-being of passengers and the operational performance for airline customers with the perfect blend of features and services. Based on four dimensions – comfort, ambience, service and design – Airspace brings together the best of Airbus’ innovation.
Airbus is displaying a representative Airspace cabin interior section in the Airbus Group pavilion, along with showing off the new cabin brand on large video boards and advertisements spread around the show. This messaging showcases the Airspace principles, which create a unique passenger experience that is more relaxing, inspiring, beautiful and functional.
Airbus’ A330neo is the launch vehicle for Airspace. The aircraft – along with the A350 XWB – will begin a new family of cabins that inspire airlines to build new-generation flying experiences for passengers, while optimising economic performance of their aircraft.
Airspace: The signature passenger experience
The Airspace cabin is inspired by the A350 XWB and shaped by the excellent passenger feedback Airbus has already received from people flying on its new-generation widebody aircraft. On the A350 XWB, Airspace cabins will increase the already-significant passenger and operator appeal of the jetliner – which is shaping the future of medium- to long-haul airline operations around the globe.
Signature design elements recognisable throughout all Airspace cabins include wider seats; larger overhead storage bins; spacious, contemporary lavatories with antibacterial surfaces; along with unobstructed under-seat foot space. Other features are a unique and customisable welcome area at the main passenger boarding door, the latest in LED technology for ambient lighting, as well as clean shapes and surfaces throughout the interior.
Airspace was launched earlier this year and Airbus’ commercial activity at the Farnborough Airshow showed the concept already is taking off with passengers and operators. Announcements during the week that involved aircraft to be equipped with the Airspace cabin included Virgin Atlantic Airways’ A350 XWB order and the four A330-900neo (new engine option) aircraft that ARKIA Israeli Airlines will receive.

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