Threats could be anything, from minor issues to terrorism. The challenge is set: an edge technology, an outdoor installation subject to change right up until the last minute, thousands of people to fill an area in a few hours and above all, the need for an increase in security without transforming a peaceful gathering into a perceived threatening environment.

Usually major events take place in city areas such as squares and city parks normally attended for other purposes during the year. Generally speaking, technologies capable of ensuring the security of citizens in those locations are set to a certain standard which is not sufficient for a big event. Hence it is essential to enhance the system with mobile solutions and integration.

Network video can play a key role in enabling authorities to handle such a challenging situation as it supports and facilitates the interoperability among different entities like the city municipality with its own local police, other police forces, firefighters, Red Cross, civil defense and more.

Live footage enables pedestrian dynamics analysis providing a source of data to modelling and simulation software, as well as a proof of the model in a real life scenario to compare the simulation to actual crowd dynamics.

The following technologies are being investigated by law enforcement agencies conducting a pilot program in Turin, Italy:

  • Face recognition with a random flow of people at gate entrances or in open areas;
  • Crowd analysis with the possibility to trend crowd movements and dynamics in order to optimize the site layout, prevent incidents and improve safety;
  • All of the above with a quick deployment system based on wireless transmission that can be flexibly installed, expanded or removed.

Watch this video to take a look at what managing complex events is about:

AXIS Q3709-PVE Network Camera
is a multi-sensor 3 x 4K resolution, 180° overview which provides an ideal tool for this purpose. Another example is AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Dome Network Camera with full 360° overview and PTZ control. Furthermore, AXIS Thermal Camera is a complementary technology which allows the software to detect people, objects and incidents in difficult conditions such as smoke, haze and dust.

Axis Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture capability provides perfectly balanced video quality in scenes with strong variations in light levels, our Lightfinder technology enables outstanding image usability in poor light conditions and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) greatly improves video quality in situations where the camera is subject to vibration.

*Director, Business Development Government, City Surveillance and Critical Infrastructures at Axis Communications